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Senin, 29 Agustus 2011

Banana River Beaches

Banana River Beaches
Banana Island Ketek has a location very near the Sweet Water Beach, a distance of approximately 1 km from the beach A
Is a tourist attraction with beautiful marine nature. Toward our location along the road that is not flat. We passed up the road down / surrounding hills. Around the way we can enjoy the view nature. Location of settlements beach there are well-ordered society. The situation is also well-organized site. from the shore we could see some islands such as Pulau Pasumpahan, Devil's Island and Island Sikuai. Yet we can head to the island with a boat ride that costs each around Rp. 150.000, - to Rp. 250.000, - perkapal. With the boat we can see other islands namely Pulau Batu Sironjong the region contained Cupboard of legend and Stone Siboko Malin Kundang.

If still any time, visitors can also visit the Sungai Pinang Beach area a distance of 1 km from the beach Banana River. The road to this attraction can be traversed by paved roads, while in this tourist area means course in the cast cement and sand roads. For up to Simpang River Bananas We can ride public transportation Bungus majors, but to get kekawasan can ride a motorcycle taxi, or using private car and motorcycle. At this location is already available food stalls Simple and electricity. Attraction is managed by local communities having lands.

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